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At LOTS we welcome all problem solving, creative thinking, business developing transport enthusiasts and other pioneers. Whether you are a recent graduate or experienced professional, put your talents to use where the opportunities are boundless.

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“Being a part of making the transport industry more sustainable and efficient is really gratifying and inspirational.”

Astrid Hagqvist,
Requirement analyst

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“My role at LOTS is both varied and challenging. I have been fortunate enough to travel and meet clients in all parts of the world across a number of different industries, all the while developing my own skillset and advancing my career.”

Tobias Hespe,
Business Development Manager

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Available positions

  • Data Engineer to LOTS Group - Stockholm

    The analytics team at LOTS is a small co-located team in central Stockholm that emphasizes collaboration and initiative-taking. Our mission is to enable our organization to be data driven, and an important piece to achieving this is our cloud-based data warehouse.  Our warehouse acts as the source for our analysis work and for our performance reporting to our customers. We are a rapidly growing team looking for a talented data engineer to join us on our journey!

    For questions about the role please contact Magnus Lindholm, Head of Central Operations and Digitalization, magnus.lindholm@lotsgroup.com

    For technical questions please contact John Sohlberg, john.sohlberg@lotsgroup.com

  • Passionate people – join us!

    SEPTEMBER 4, 2020

    A great workplace is made up by great people. Great people make up great teams. Great teams make big things happen. At LOTS we value passion in our employees, as well as responsibility and high performance.

    At LOTS we are passionate about making big things happen for our customers. We love to eliminate waste in logistic flows. We love to operate logistic processes where we know we are the best partner for long-term profitability. The tougher the challenge, the more dedicated we become.

    Breaking new ground in logistics, we guarantee that working at LOTS is a truly rewarding experience.

    If you share our passion, you are welcome to submit your CV along with a personal letter to our Stockholm office by sending an email to info@lotsgroup.com